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About Us

About Us

Visionary-Mobi is an exciting new brand providing you with the latest innovative and unique products. The brand grew from the owner's university degree background striving to provide modernization to the marketplace. With a passion in technology, latest gadgets and accessories, this is the forefront of the businesses idea and plans. Visionary-Mobi developed as the organisations vision to distribute their products globally.

"Think Unique, Think Future, Think #VisionaryMobi!"

Contact Information

Visionary-Mobi Limited

Brumwell House, Westway Industrial Park, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE15 9EW

Telephone 0191 2697810 

Co registration number 9624762

VAT number 217248122

"A Message from the Inventor of SlingGrip®"

Hi, I’m John, inventor of the SlingGrip® phone grip.

You know that feeling you get when you drop your cell phone? We all know that frightening feeling, as our beloved phone bounces off the concrete. The fear that it won’t turn back on, the painful sight of a broken screen. The “there goes $200″ feeling. I hate that feeling. That’s why I invented the SlingGrip®.    
Before leaving on a well deserved vacation, I was haunted by the thought of breaking my new smartphone. It wasn’t just going to be a phone, it was going to be my camera, mp3 player, video recorder and sole connection back to civilization. OK, Hawaii isn’t that uncivilized – but you know what I mean. I thought for sure that it was going to end up skipping down a rocky cliff or sinking to the ocean floor, carrying all those contacts down with it like a miniature titanic. I tried a case, but it made the huge Epic 4G even more bulky. So I created a simple elastic sling that held my phone tight to my finger. It worked great, without adding any bulk to the phone.

When my phone and I made it home safely, I began refining my phone sling. I quickly discovered that it wasn’t just a tool for holding my phone, it made using the big touch screen a lot easier. I could easily text with one hand on the Samsung Galaxy phone. Taking pictures was no longer an act of dexterity, and the pictures turned out better because I had a stable, relaxed hold on the phone. Even my 8-year-old son found it helpful when he used my phone to play Angry Birds. His smaller hands had no problem holding the phone with the SlingGrip® and I didn’t have to worry about him dropping it either! It was a clear winner.

Since that time we have shipped our phone grip all over the world and thousands of people have come to rely on the secure grip that protects their favorite device. We’ve added new products, including two mounts that make it easy to use your phone in the car or wherever you need it in the home or office. Try a SlingGrip® on your phone, iPod or even an e-reader. You’ll love it – and that I guarantee

Keep Slingin’
John Murphy